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What is Journey?

Actionable Insights for Digital Marketers.

Journey by CAKE drives real results. Built on the trusted and proven CAKE Marketing Intelligence platform, Journey by CAKE is a cloud-based solution that collects and analyzes customer journey data using multi-touch attribution for marketing campaign optimization.

How does it work?

There’s part of the customer journey that has largely been ignored. Journey by CAKE delivers accurate and actionable insights about the previously missing steps of the anonymous customer journey. With this extended view into vital customer interactions, Journey provides the intelligence needed to move unknown consumers to known customers, boosting campaign performance and return on advertising spend.

Main Features



Advanced Analytics Dashboards

A centralized dashboard provides valuable customer journey insights that drive real-time decisions.


Multi-touch Attribution

Optimize campaign spending based on positional and data-driven attribution of key steps in the customer journey.


Digital Marketing Integrations

Seamless integrations with digital media and marketing tools make collecting customer journey data easier than ever.

Explore More: What People are Saying about CAKE

“Utilizing the CAKE API to acquire real-time data, we have greatly increased efficiencies in our analytics department allowing us to be much more nimble and refined in our optimization efforts.”

Jeremy Buttke, President, BuyologyIQ

With a powerful infrastructure and accurate, granular reporting, CAKE integrates every aspect of our performance marketing business into a single dashboard that has increased efficiencies and supported our high-growth mode.

Aaron Tan, Director of Media at Wewe Media Group

“Our company leverages digital marketing channels including search, display email and social, and we needed a solution that would enable us to advance our tracking and attribution capabilities. We decided to go with a trusted partner and platform – CAKE.”

Aaron Rosenthal, Director of Marketing for

“With an extensive background in digital marketing, our team blends creativity with CAKE’s technology and data analytics to bring superior ROI to our digital initiatives. We have been thrilled with the 78% increase in performance over the past year and thank CAKE for contributing to our continued success.”

Manish Bhatnagar, Chief Operating Officer at Adchakra


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